Chris (Simpsons Artist)

"Support your football team by having a wear of this football top to prove to your friends or your family or your wife that you really like football and even if you dont know what a football is but you still want to blend in then you will definitely look like some sort of footballing expert when you are having a wear of it trust me".

Launching in the run up to the 2022 World Cup, we revamped the online shop of Chris (Simpsons Artist) and produced a collection of official football tops "to help you blend in more easily when the world cup awards is on". Including influencer engagement alongside targeting Chris' own social following (1m +), we offered fans something to wear to the pub, to 5-a-side and even to the stadiums of Qatar.

With a large International audience, the store showcases the surreal world of Chris (Simpsons Artist) and provides everything from limited edition art and clothing (e.g. "the number 1 scrambled egg t shirt of the year") to accessories, stationery and even wigs ("authentic replica wig made out of my own hair so you can be forever reminded of our friendship").