The Silly Company

With over 1.5 million subscribers on Youtube, Max Fosh's outrageous and hilarious videos have made him one of the UK's most popular content creators. Whether it's becoming the richest man in the world (for 7 minutes), serving roadkill to Michelin starred chefs or writing 'Welcome To Luton' in a field near Gatwick Airport, Max's playful personality and 'silly' stunts are a real hit with fans across the globe.

Working closely with our sister company, creative studio Jiksaw, we branded, developed and launched The Silly Company. Producing monthly limited edition drops, often released inline with a video, The Silly Company provides a space for Max to offer exclusive content to his fans. Pushing the out-of-the-box world of Max Fosh beyond Youtube, the store does not follow traditional expectations of 'merchandise' but instead presents fans with exciting and original products: from a gold plated Posh Twat signet ring to an exclusive line of glasses created in collaboration with Cubitts.

The Silly Company recently dropped exclusive 'Bell End of the Year' mini statues designed with a striking resemblance to the Russian president. Replicating a large monument erected in the Worcestershire village of 'Bell End' by Max, we sold over 1850 models in only two weeks with all profits donated to the Red Cross in support of Ukraine.